Author: Nayan

  • An on-call doctor’s experience

    01.30 – An unknown number gives u a missed call… You call back to know that a patient is waiting for you, with eyelid injury and an eye pad applied. 01.35 – From your rented accommodation, you venture out onto the empty and dimly lit road, walking for 5min with the loud footsteps echoing around, […]

  • CR, WR Suburban Veteran as ER Suburban Newbie – Part 1

    “Wow, I’m so excited. After years of curiosity I shall ride ER EMUs on a frequent basis…” uttered my mind with a childish grin as I lay my first steps at the mecca of ER – Howrah (HWH) on my way to Barddhaman (Burdwan – BWN). As a career-building opportunity, I wholeheartedly accepted my destiny […]

  • “NIGHT AT MANMAD” – Part 3 of 3

    200 MINS OF MONSOON GLORY  Continued from part 2… WCAM-3 ‘rocks’ the cradle… The overnight adventure had squeezed out every joule of energy from our bodies, while the serotonin in our brains urged for a desperate nap. The quiet lifeless coaches welcoming our four tired souls did wonders that would put hypnotics to shame. Half […]

  • “NIGHT AT MANMAD” – Part 2 of 3

    ACTION-PACKED NIGHT AT MANMAD JN Continued from part 1… First Impressions at Manmad… As we laid our first steps on MMR pf6 around 23.20, we were pretty much surprised by the unexpectedly cool atmosphere. However our enthusiasm shot through the roof once we realized the whole bunch of trains expected at various platforms. Although we […]

  • “NIGHT AT MANMAD” – Part 1 of 3

    MANMAD RAJYARANI – THE AGGRESSIVE EMPTY TRAIN   PRELUDE Around the end of June, the monsoon had made its presence felt throughout India with varying degrees of bliss, benefit, disruptions, havoc and mass-scale destruction. Although wrong to generalize, we as railfans relish this opportunity to ride trains through regions adorned with picturesque beauty courtesy of […]

  • The Boon that’s taken for granted

    The exam day has arrived. You are quite zealous about the exam to the extent of being insomniac for last two nights. With a zillion prayers finding their way across your vocal cords, you step out of the house with a confidence of a different nature, along with a deep-seated anxiety. Your admit card reads […]