An on-call doctor’s experience

01.30 – An unknown number gives u a missed call… You call back to know that a patient is waiting for you, with eyelid injury and an eye pad applied.

01.35 – From your rented accommodation, you venture out onto the empty and dimly lit road, walking for 5min with the loud footsteps echoing around, total silence all around with crickets filling the void. The only three DNA possessing entities you actually encounter are two dogs and a frog.

01.50 – You enter the ward in anticipation of a major injury to your patient. You heave a huge sigh of relief when you find out it’s a minor linear cut injury over upper eyelid and no visual or ocular deficit.

02.05 – You start repairing the wound with stitches without any assistance. Its actually remarkable how a seemingly easy wound to stitch boosts your morale and confidence beyond expectations. The next 20mins go quite smoothly with your mind enjoying the learning experience to the hilt, ignoring the fact that its well past 0200 and you are so deprived of sleep.

02.35 – Even the notes come naturally out of the content of having done the job well enough as prompted by your conscience. The patient is referred to another speciality and your responsibility towards the patient ends for the time being.

02.40 – Another 5mins of the lonely dimly-lit road. Some human eyes stare at you for obvious reasons for trekking the untrodden midnight path against all odds. You brave it out and simply traverse the path with your head held high reckoning your past 30mins of glory.

02.50 – Back to your resting place. You gulp down the excitement as an ordinary case with exhibition of a pretty ordinary skill that is expected at a basic level. Nothing special as such and nothing to be so satisfied about. Ultimately it remains as

“An uneventful night emergency call for a doctor”

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